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Prof. Dr. Anton J.M. Loonen


You have not heard from me for a fairly long time. This is mainly because I was busy emigrating to a sunnier place. That process is not yet complete. Furthermore, I had to break off collaboration with my dear colleague Svetlana Ivanova by order of the dean of my faculty at the University of Groningen. It hurts that also the Dutch scientific climate (precisely as a top sport) has become so permeated with political marionets of the USA. It does not correspond to my ideals of a free and independent science but its importance will probably not interest the politicians in Washington, D.C., The Hague and Moscow.

Having said this, I would like to alert the reader to some new items on antonloonen.nl. The list of publications has been up-to-dated and an item has also been added under the figures and publications heading: a recent review article on the relationship between the immune response and habenula functioning. The habenula, as the center of the dorsal diencephalic connection between the forebrain and midbrain, must, in my opinion, be assigned a major role in the development of symptoms of mental disorders.

I would also like to point out the SADIMoD version of the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) which can be found under the forms section of the SADIMoD.nl site. It is best not to use the original version of the AIMS, but many shortcomings of this scale are resolved in the SADIMoD version. However, intensive training of users remains essential and a standardized survey schedule used in the same way by all assessors. I will return to this in a future Blog.